Mayanagari Game Requirements, Size, Map, Release Date Android, iOS, PC | FAQs

India’s First Open World Gangster Mobile Game ‘Mayanagari’ Founders Mayur and Huzaifa talks about the game and answer the questions from the community. They are working on Mayanagari Game from 3 Years. They are Game Developers Team from 20 different States of India and more than 10 languages are spoken in their Studio. Here is everything you wants to know about Mayanagari Game including Game Size, System Requirements, Map, Release Date, Availability on Android, iOS, PC and more about Game Features. FAQs answered by Founders of the game.

Mayanagari is India’s first HINDI open-world mobile game, Embark on a thrilling adventure as you explore the world of Mayanagari and uncover its dark underbelly. This game features gorgeous visuals, an expansive open world to explore, challenging missions and never-ending fun. Don’t miss out on this revolutionary gaming experience.

Mayanagari Game System Requirements:

They will start ‘Mayanagari’ Version 1 with basic Smartphone requirements as mentioned below.

Version – Mayanagari Game Version 1
RAM – Minimum 4 GB
Device Price – 10k to 12K Smartphone can Run Smoothly with Low to Medium quality
For Higher Quality – You need to have Higher Version of Smartphone
Game Size – Approx 2 GB

Will the Game Come to Windows PC?
Mayanagari developers’ Vision is to Bring Game on Window as well but their Core Focus right now is Mobile (Android, iOS).

Does Mayanagari Game Have Female Protagonist?
Yes, You are going to Enjoy Female Character Story of Game along side Main Character of ‘Dev’

Features of the Game? – You can Play a Game Across the City in different locations. You can Buy a Property, Decorate your Property and more advanced features will be added to make it more interesting?

Mayanagari Game Built on Engine? – They are using ‘Unity Engine’ for building a Game.

Is there a Marathi Rap in a Game? – They Working with Music in Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali languages in a Game.

Is there a Multi-Player Mode in Mayanagari Game? – Not Now, but Just after Game Release and after Few updates, they are planning to add Multi-Player Game mode.

Can We Buy Properties in a Game? – Yes, You can buy a Properties in a Game.

Map Inspired from City? – Map is Inspired from Mumbai and Goa Cities in Size of 4 Square KM.

Total Vehicles in a Game? – You will find 20-30 Vehicles in a Game including Cars, Bikes, Trucks and more.

Is Mayanagari a Free Game? – Yes, Mayanagari Game is Free for Android, iOS Smartphone devices.

What is the Mayanagari Game Release Date? – July 2023 (Approx)

The more Functionalities and Islands will be added just after Game Release and Mayanagari Team is working really hard to give you a Top Notch Experience to their Players. Watch Full Conversation Video of Mayanagari Founders, explaining everything about the much-awaited Mobile-Gangster Game.

Mayanagari Game to be available very Soon in Android Mobile Phones and will be rolled out for iOS and PC later on. Stay Tuned to get more updates on the same.

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